Speed Mentoring

Speed Mentoring

This is the third post in a new series from #RADxx members who attended AAWR lectures at ACR 2018. Today, author Dr. Kimberly Beavers shares her perspective on the session Speed Mentoring featuring speaker and RADxx co-founder, Dr. Geraldine McGinty.

The American Association for Women Radiologists in conjunction with the American College of Radiology hosted another successful Speed Mentoring session at the 2018 ACR Annual Meeting. The event, in its sophomore year, has grown exponentially both in involvement from leaders as well as interest from residents and fellows. This year’s expanded line up of mentors included a more diverse range of discussion topics. Private practice, as well as academic Radiologists, participated. We had so many dynamic Radiology leaders present to mentor residents and fellows and have only highlighted a few below. A full list of participating mentors is available at the end of this article.

Dr. Geraldine McGinty tackled one of the biggest decision young Radiologists make when entering their careers – academic vs. private practice radiology.

Topics in early career Radiology included an excellent discussion from Dr. Jonathan Flug on how to take the professional leap from trainee to attending. Career development was a very popular topic and residents and fellows had the opportunities to learn expert tips for job interviews from Dr. Frank Lexa and contract negotiation from Dr. Alexander Norbash. For the next stage of his career, Dr. James Brink helped residents and fellows learn how to get promoted.

Radiologists with vast experience in research, such as Drs. Bruce Hillman and Katarzyna Macura, provided invaluable advice on how to get involved in and stay involved in research throughout a successful career in Radiology. Dr. Ruth Carlos also gave specific insights on how to become a reviewer for a radiology journal.

Dr. William Herrington shared his wide breadth of expertise regarding the ACR leadership structure, helping young Radiologists understand the many opportunities for leadership in a diverse number of areas. Regarding leadership development, Dr. Cheri Canon graciously provided her tips on how to be a successful leader. Dr. Carolyn Meltzer addressed the topic of physician burnout while Dr. Susan Ackerman facilitated a discussion on work-life balance. These discussions complemented each other to give residents and fellows the tools they need not only to advance but to also thrive as leaders in the Radiology community.

Dr. David Youmans, Chairman of the Radiology Advocacy Network, discussed the many opportunities available in Radiology advocacy for both residents and fellows. This introduced residents and fellows to the many leadership positions available to advocate for the best care for our patients.

To round out the discussion, Dr. James Rawson paid it forward by offering his expertise on how residents and fellows can become good mentors.

Residents and fellows have the opportunity to be mentors at any stage of training; the time to be a mentor is now! We are greatly appreciative to all of the mentors who participated this year, giving their time to help build the next generation of Radiology leaders.

For a complete list of leaders, please see below. Photos and videos from the event are available on twitter using the hashtags #speedmentoring and #ACR2018.

2018 Speed Mentoring Mentor list

  1. Susan Ackerman, MD — Maintaining Work-Life Balance
  2. Bibb Allen Jr., MD, FACR — Understanding Coding and Billing in a New Practice
  3. Kimberly Applegate, MD, MS, FACR — Making a Career in Radiology Quality Improvement and QA/QI in the Workplace
  4. James Brink, MD, FACR — How to Get Promoted
  5. Cheri Canon, MD, FACR — Success in a Leadership Role
  6. Ruth Carlos, MD, FACR — Becoming a Reviewer for a Radiology Journal
  7. Jonathan Flug, MD, MBA — Taking the Professional Leap From Trainee to Attending
  8. C. Matthew Hawkins, MD — Fostering a Career Focus in Informatics
  9. William Herrington, MD, FACR — Understanding the ACR Leadership Structure and Organized Radiology
  10. Bruce Hillman, MD, FACR – How to Become an Editor of a Peer-Reviewed Journal
  11. Frank Lexa, MD, MBA — Advice for Interviews
  12. Katarzyna J. Macura, MD, PhD, FACR — Writing a Grant and Obtaining Grant Funding
  13. Geraldine McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR — Making the Decision: Academic versus Private Practice
  14. Carolyn Meltzer, MD, FACR – Avoiding Burnout
  15. Alexander Norbash, MD, FACR — Contract Negotiation
  16. Suzanne Palmer, MD — State and Local Practice Leadership
  17. James Rawson, MD, FACR — Becoming a Good Mentor
  18. Kurt Schoppe, MD — What Every Physician Should Know About the RUC
  19. Ezequiel Silva III, MD, FACR — How to Get Involved in Healthcare Economics
  20. Eric Stern, MD, FACR — International Outreach
  21. Nina Terry, MD — TBD
  22. William Thorwarth Jr., MD, FACR — Patient Reported Outcome Measures: Get Ready
  23. David Youmans, MD, FACR — How to Get Involved in Radiology Political Advocacy