RADxx Tweet Chat Recap

RADxx Tweet Chat Recap

Did you miss our most recent tweet chat on making the most out of RSNA 2018? We’ve got you covered! Catch the questions posed by our moderator, Kristina Elizabeth Hawk, MS MD PhD, and the insights shared by #RADxx and #RADxy alike!

RADxx Tweet Chat Question 1

RSNA is an overwhelming show with countless sessions, product demonstrations, events, and networking opportunities. We asked the RADxx community how the manage such a busy schedule.

Many shared a few of the basics – comfortable shoes, lots of coffee, and keeping that 1-hour time difference in mind when booking meetings! Others had a few specific suggestions in mind.


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The next question focused on mentoring and leadership. Have you ever guided someone new in their career through a conference or meeting? Being a mentor means focusing on the interests of your mentee, tailoring the program to their interests, and focusing on their career development as a whole.



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RADxx Tweet Chat Question 3

The next question focused on a topic faced by many RADxx, how can we boost diversity at conferences? Although many organizations are making a concerted effort to have diverse views on panels and sessions, there is still much work to been done. The RADxx community suggested that we all become active participants in this goal. Seek out individuals who you think would make great speakers, sponsor others, and nominate!









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The next issue focused on family life balance. We’ve had several RADxx moms share the challenges faced by parents who struggle with childcare, breastfeeding, and maternal/parental leave. Particularly, many women can be discouraged from pursuing a specific medical specialty if they feel it is not supportive of mothers.

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The final question asked, what is a can’t miss event for you at RSNA18? We were honored that many cited Cocktails for Change, where we’ll be announcing the winners of the second annual RADxx awards. You can still register for the event here. A few other can’t miss sessions highlighted below.