Over 4.3 Million Impressions During October #RADxx Tweet Chat!

Welcome to the 3rd #RADxx tweet chat recap! We thought it was impossible to keep up with the last tweet chat but this one saw even more momentum with new voices sharing their unique experiences in informatics throughout their careers. As seen in the storify recap, there were over 4.3 million impressions and over 816 tweets!

The tweet chat was hosted on October 5th by Dr. Geraldine McGinty, Chief Strategy & Contracting Officer, Weill Cornell Medicine Physician Organization, and Dr. Amy Kostenas, Neuroradiologist & Associate Professor at Mayo Clinic. 

Dr. McGinty launched the discussion with question number 1.

Q1: Informatics leaders (XY & XX!): how did you get to your current role and how many years in each stage? 

Many shared that their interest in informatics was spurred by a lack of interoperability across IT systems and user friendly experiences for both physicians and patients alike.  Additionally, many radiologists are seeking to step “out of the dark-room” and have more direct contact with referring physicians and patients. Results from a survey we recently conducted showed that patients are very interested in receiving their radiology reports and images; having a radiologist explain the complex language used in reporting would be highly beneficial. During the tweet chat, a few even suggested using telehealth and conducting virtual sessions between patients, radiologists, and referring physicians to explain results in a convenient and concise manner.

RADxx third tweet chat

RADxx Tweet Chat 3RAdxx 3rd Tweet Chat







Dr. Kostenas jumped in with question 2.

Q2: What training programs helped you the most in your  career?  

Many realized the potential of new technologies like AI and machine learning to transform patient care by providing unified sources of data and analyzing actionable insights from them.

RADxx Tweet Chat 3RADxx Tweet Chat 3

When it came to learning about the latest and great in #imagingIT, local programs, ACR, RSNA Informatics, and SIIM Tweets were all cited as collaborative resources. RADxx member Dr. Tessa Cook received quite a few shout-outs for her imaging informatics course as well.

RADxx Tweet Chat 3

RADxx Tweet Chat 3

RADxx Tweet Chat 3

Dr. McGinty jumped back in with question 3.

Q3:   How has  helped at every stage of your career?   

RADxx members noted that informatics has been critical at every stage since tech can offer creative solutions to solving problems.

RADxx Tweet Chat 3

RADxx Tweet Chat 3

The discussion went back to Dr. Kostenas for question 4

Q4: What kind of career options are open to those with expertise in   

The limit was endless here with health IT leaders, innovation, entrepreneurship, and improved patient care all listed. However, one common thread was the mentorship needed to reach that level of expertise. In keeping with the theme of the #RADxx network, mentorship, particularly of those young in their training, is a necessity to inspire an interest in informatics and highlight its potential.

RADxx Tweet Chat 3

RADxx Tweet Chat 3

RADxx Tweet Chat 3

Dr. Kostenas then asked,

Q5: How will  change the future of 

Dr. McGinty chimed in by saying,

RADxx Tweet Chat 3

MACRA and MIPS all require better metrics, benchmarking, and performance management. For radiology, data collection is key, such as recording the impacts of imaging on care, and the cost-effectiveness of imaging across different scenarios and conditions.

RADxx Tweet Chat 3

The tweet chat ended with the announcement of the inaugural RADxx awards! The inaugural RADxx awards will honor three outstanding individuals who have helped to lead the way, or are emerging fresh voices, in imaging informatics. These individuals could be physicians, or work in the field in other roles such as administration or IT. Are you, or someone you know, a Trailblazer, Advocate or Rising Star in the field of medical imaging informatics? If so, we want to hear from youNominate a worthy individual today.

RADxx trophy

We’ll announce the winners at RSNA 17 at the Cocktails for Change Event. RSVP today if you’re interested in attending!

RADxx Tweet Chat 3


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