Jason Howie

About Jason Howie

Director, Demand Generation & Operations, Ambra Health. For over 6 years, Jason has worked with a wide variety of SaaS technologies. Jason specializes in developing and implementing end-to-end marketing campaigns and operations initiatives for healthcare-focused B2B startups. Jason graduated from Rowan University’s Rohrer College of Business with an MBA in 2012. When not analyzing the latest reports and industry trends, Jason is likely to be found biking along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, PA.

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    RADxx: The XY Perspective June 5, 2018

    I had the pleasure of ending my time at SIIM’s 2018 Annual Meeting by being in a room of 30 Radiologists & Informaticists. Later on my way home, I realized I had some thoughts I wanted to share with my colleagues across the entire industry - prospects, customers, competitors, and partners alike.

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