Resources for the Advancement of Women in Medical Imaging Informatics

#RADxx Moms

By the end of May, my 2-year old daughter will have accompanied me to eight radiology meetings. I’m fortunate that my husband has a job that allows him some flexibility to travel, and that he’s an amazing dad who loves going on adventures with his little girl. But when we’re speaking in consecutive sessions at […]

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When Radiologists Can Easily Report Issues with Image Quality, the Entire Practice Benefits

“Consistent diagnostic image quality along with timely and accurate performance of technical and clerical tasks is a requisite for high-level radiology patient care,” wrote lead author Shlomit Goldberg-Stein, MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York, and colleagues.

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Participants in a Group for Women in Radiology Report High Satisfaction, Improved Careers

Radiology has been lagging behind other healthcare specialties for quite some time when it comes to gender equality. Could the creation of groups for women in radiology (WIR) be a step in the right direction?

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Radiology as a Career for Women: Influences and Recommendations

What influences female physicians to choose radiology as their specialty?

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#IAMIR: A Review of SIR 2018

Judy Gichoya, MD shares her experience at SIR 2018. “At the 2018 SIR conference, I met my tribe, not in one place, but multiple events that I was interested in. Research is critical to medical innovation, and the SIR foundation helps fund investigators to keep discovering new tools to improve patient care. I attended the SIR […]

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Protecting Your Patients’ Interests in the Era of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics

Patients have strong opinions about these issues and radiologists have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the interest of their patients.

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