RAD Women (RADxx) fosters networking and mentorship opportunities for leaders in radiology and informatics.

RAD Women (RADxx) fosters networking and mentorship opportunities for leaders in radiology and informatics.

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Getting More Women Speakers in Radiology & Informatics

If you’ve ever been to a meeting or conference in healthcare, there may be something that you have noticed: the lack of female speakers. A [...]

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Calling all RAD Women (and Men!): Let’s Bring More Diversity to Informatics Leadershi [...]

RAD Women (#RADxx) was founded in the Fall of 2016 and is an exciting initiative that focuses on fostering networking and mentorship opportu [...]

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RADxx Winners Share Insights on Webinar

The 2018 #RADxx winners discussed how we can increase diversity in radiology and informatics during a panel webinar hosted by SIIM and spons [...]

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RADxx Award Winners 2018

3rd Annual RADxx Awards

The RADxx awards recognize the achievements of women in the field of medical imaging informatics, as well as anyone – both men and women – who have helped and supported women in medical imaging informatics. Nominations are now open for the 2019 RADxx Awards.


A Conversation with Sasha Shillcutt, MD on Sponsoring Women Physician-Leaders

Sasha Shillcutt, MD, candidly shares her experience navigating burnout and social isolation while building her career as a Physician. Her ex [...]

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I’m a female surgeon. I feel uncomfortable telling girls they can be one, too.

Every time a little girl or a young female student has asked me if she can be a surgeon, I wonder if I’m about to sell her a lie. The answ [...]

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Women Radiologists Find Their Voice and Make It Heard

The lopsided male-to-female ratio among radiologists and radiology residents—around three men for every one woman—has remained stubbornl [...]

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