Resources for the Advancement of Women in Medical Imaging Informatics

Building the Pipeline of Female Radiology Leaders

This post was contributed to the ACR by Cheri Canon, MD, FACR, professor, and chair of radiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine

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Breaking Bias: Why Has It Taken So Long To Achieve Equity in Healthcare Leadership?

Dr. Joanne Conroy, President & CEO of Dartmouth-Hitchcock, shares with Modern Healthcare how organizations can begin breaking biases in healthcare. We know that companies with at least three women on the board of directors have median gains in return on equity higher than organizations with no women directors. So why has it taken so long to […]

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Stanford’s New AI institute is Inadvertently Showcasing One of Tech’s Biggest Problems

Stanford’s New AI Institute features a strong lack of diversity across its members. Statistics released earlier this year by the AI Index report detail an industry where fewer than 20% of AI professors are female.

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The Gender Pay Gap for Doctors Is Getting Worse

According to Medscape’s 2019 report, which polled about 20,000 U.S. doctors in 30 specialties, pay for physicians has risen by about 20% for both primary care physicians and specialists since 2015. But increases have not been equal for male and female doctors.

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What Happens When Female Physicians Gather?

A blog on Scientific American shares how a recent symposium left participants with a renewed sense of belonging and collaborative energy.

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Why Isn’t Interventional Radiology More Appealing to Women and Minorities?

Women only represent 9.2% of practicing interventional radiologists. How can facilities encourage more women and minorities to look into the field?

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