RADxx Tweet Chat Recap: Women in Leadership

What Happens When Female Physicians Gather?

Did you miss our most recent tweet chat about women in leadership and breaking through the glass ceiling? We’ve got you covered! Check out the questions posted by Ambra Health, and the insights shared by our moderator, Amy K. Patel, MD, and the #RADxx and #RADxy communities!

Healthcare is an industry that seems to be stuck with old habits. We took it upon ourselves to ask the RADxx community what barriers still exist for creating diversity in leadership roles in healthcare.  The answers varied – some bringing up the coined term “manel”, the all-male panel, and even the lack of access to mentors and unconscious bias. Amy Patel started the tweet chat off with a bang.


The next question focused on the caregiver mentality that our society upholds and how that affects women achieving leadership positions. Many organizations are making conscious efforts to eliminate gender bias, but unfortunately, the double standard still exists. Women are often automatically associated with being the primary caregivers, but this shouldn’t stop them from seeking out leadership positions. The RADxx community seems to be all about balance and honoring the #RADdads!


Question three took a different turn and asked the RADxx community what strategies have been viable for women to actually achieve leadership roles in their organizations. Game plans, sponsorship, and gaining more responsibility over the years were all tweeted among the tweet chat responders.


The final question of the evening brings in the RADxy community. They are integral to advocating and helping women reach their leadership goals. We have many people in our lives that help us get to where we want to be but nothing beats a mentor that helps you excel.

Women are influential, powerful, and work hard to become leaders in their communities. We want to honor those women and men who have advocated, risen to the challenge, blazed a trail, and even been a champion for someone else at the 2019 RADxx Awards during RSNA. Apply here to nominate yourself or someone else who has helped to lead the way or are emerging fresh voices in imaging informatics.