Sonia Gupta


Sonia Gupta, MD

Director of Ultrasound at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

I am a fellowship trained Abdominal Imager. I have a leadership role as the Director of Ultrasound at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and I am an Instructor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School. I am passionate about mentorship, sponsorship and gender parity in radiology. I have publications related to gender disparities in the radiology workforce. I am also interested in how AI will impact the daily life of radiologists and in this regard, I consult for both IBM Watson Health and Google. Clinically my work includes second and third-trimester obstetric ultrasound, abdominal MRI, and image-guided procedures. I have held numerous leadership roles at the state and national level with the American College of Radiology. I am a passionate resident advocate and I am excited about the future of radiology.


  • Harnessing New Power in AI Development
  • Gender Disparities in the Radiology Workforce
  • 2nd and 3rd Trimester Obstetric Ultrasound
  • Radiologists in Patient Consultation Clinics
  • What I Wish I Knew Before My First Year of Being an Attending
  • How to be an Effective Mentor
  • How to transition from RFS to YPS and stay involved with the ACR
  • Abdominal Interesting Case Conference (trauma and malignancy)
  • Female Pelvis MRI and Ultrasound Correlation
  • Transitioning from RFS to YPS in the ACR


  • M.D. Wake Forest University School of Medicine
  • 2015-2018 Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiology, Temple University School of Medicine
  • 2019-present Instructor of Radiology Harvard Medical School, Director of Ultrasound


  • ACR Annual Meeting May 2019 – Young Professionals Section Harnessing New Power
  • ACR Annual Meeting May 2019 – Transitioning from RFS to YPS in the ACR
  • AIMed Conference June 2019 – Harnessing New Power in the Development of AI in Radiology
  • AUR Meeting April 2019 – Gender Diversity in the Radiology Workforce: #SheRads a Novel Approach to Team Building


Report of Scholarship
Peer-Reviewed Scholarship in print or other media:

Research Investigations

1. Marin D, Ramirez-Giraldo JC, Gupta S, Fu W, Stinnett SS, Mileto A, Bellini D, Patel B, Samei E, Nelson RC. Effect of a Noise-Optimized Second-Generation Monoenergetic Algorithm on Image Noise and Conspicuity of Hypervascular Liver Tumors: An In Vitro and In Vivo Study. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2016 Jun;206(6):1222-32. PMID: 27058192.
2. Bellini D, Gupta S, Ramirez-Giraldo JC, Fu W, Stinnett SS, Patel B, Mileto A, Marin D.
Use of a Noise Optimized Monoenergetic Algorithm for Patient-Size Independent Selection of an Optimal Energy Level During Dual-Energy CT of the Pancreas. J Comput Assist Tomogr. 2017 Jan;41(1):39-47. PMID: 27560021.

Other peer-reviewed scholarship:

1. Kattapuram TM, Patel AK, Solberg AO, Gupta SC. Radiology as a Career for Women: Influences and Recommendations. J Am Coll Radiol. 2017 May;14(5):668-670. PMID: 28139414. [Training and education, Case studies in training and education]
2. Gupta S, Jha S. In Hindsight: What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Junior Faculty Member. J Am Coll Radiol. 2017 Jul;14(7):995-996. PMID: 28433603. [Leadership, Opinion]
3. Gupta S, Patel TY. Radiologists Should Not Be “Ordered” Around. J Am Coll Radiol. 2017 Dec;14(12):1639-1640. PMID: 28709780. [Leadership, Young Physicians’ Column]
4. Kattapuram TM, Gupta S. Testifying on Legislation: A Primer for the Inexperienced Radiologist. J Am Coll Radiol. 2018 Feb;15(2):360-361. PMID: 29055607. [Leadership, Young Physicians’ Column]
5. Patel TY, Gupta S. More Than An Order The Radiologist-Patient Consultation Clinic Conundrum. J Am Coll Radiol. Accepted for Publication 2019 January 19.

Case Reports:

1. American College of Radiology (ACR) Case in Point:
The AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ for each case is valid for 3 years from the date the case was posted. Credits awarded for this enduring activity are designated “SA-CME” by the American Board of Radiology (ABR) and qualify toward fulfilling requirements for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part II: Lifelong Learning and Self-assessment.
Gupta S, Gakhal MS. Tracheal Rupture.
ACR Case in point. Published April 20, 2012.
Sullivan I, Gupta S. Uterine Lipoleiomyoma. ACR Case in Point.
Accepted for publication February 21, 2017.
Hota P, Facciola J, Clement D, Gupta S. Pregnancy within a Single Uterine Horn of a Bicornuate Uterus. Accepted August 21, 2017.
Hota P, Clement D, Facciola J, Tint D, Gupta S. Ingested Fish Bone with Subsequent Esophageal Perforation in a Young Adult. Accepted August 28, 2017.
Fenerty S, Gupta S. Proximal Interruption of the Right Pulmonary Artery.
ACR Case in Point. Published September 18, 2017.
Montecalvo N, Hota P, Lau K, Gupta S. Replaced Cystic Artery from the SMA.
Accepted November 13, 2017.
2. Hota P, Caroline D, Gupta S, Agosto O. Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band Erosion with Intragastric Band Migration: A Rare but Serious Complication. Radiology Case Reports. Accepted for publication November 13, 2017.
3. Fenerty S, Gupta S, Anoakar J, Patel T. Cesarean scar ectopic pregnancy.
Appl Radiol. 2017;46(12):20-21.
4. Berg B, Cobb R, Panzer K, Powers B, Gupta S, Patel T. Complete gastric transmural migration of a prosthetic hiatal hernia. Appl Radiol. 2017;47(1):40-42.

Professional educational materials or reports, in print or other media:

1. Gupta S, Hawkins M, Czum J, Jha S.
Radiology Firing Line: Being a New Faculty Member in Radiology.
Journal of the American College of Radiology Blog. August 2016.
2. Gupta S, Kattapurum T, Hawkins M, Jha S.
Radiology Firing Line: Why Women Don’t Chose Radiology as a Career.
Journal of the American College of Radiology Blog. Recorded May 2017.

Social Media Outreach:

1. Gupta S. Facebook page and interactive engagement group creation for the Pennsylvania Radiological Society to increase society members’ engagement August 2015
2. Gupta S. Twitter account creation for Pennsylvania Radiological Society to increase the society’s visibility nationally August 2015
3. Gupta S. Co-moderator of #PennRadBooks_
Tweet chat book club presented by University of Pennsylvania Radiology Department
November 2016, July 2016
4. Gupta S. PA Congressman Dwight Evans visit to Temple Hospital to support CT Colonography Screening Legislation October 2017
5. How Women Rise / Facilitator
Conference call / Tweet chat book club
ACR Young Professional Section. August 2018
6. New Power / Facilitator

Conference call / Tweet chat book club
ACR Young Professional Section and Senior and Retired Section. December 2018


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